a large day

Many years ago, while on a ferry in Canada, a fellow passenger declared it to be “a large day!”. In fact, in Canada a “large day” is a description for a day full of hope, sunshine and fresh breezes

I love that saying and have found that often it is the perfect description of a given day.

I was reminded of that large day moment yesterday when I was on the ferry to Sandoy Island. Clear blue skies. Calm seas, with only occasional white wave tips.

So far every day in the Faroes has felt like a large day.

The vast vistas clean out the clutter that has built up in my mind.

About day to day minutia.

Of things in which I have little control.

Of the daily onslaught of negativity in the news.

My soul feels refreshed by the vastness I see in every direction.

Small hamlets seem so clean and tidy – a reminder for me to do so in my own life.

I’m looking up and out.

Today was a very large day.

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