when first you fail…

Try, try again. Today we are making a second attempt to leave town. We are headed to the island Vidðy.

Yesterday my toe got caught in a small dip in the asphalt next to our parked car. I had a nasty fall – lots of yelling (which I’m prone to do) as I went down, and which continued long after my head hit the ground hard. Real hard.

So we went to the E. R. instead.

I was asked for my passport so I felt like I had traveled somewhere.

I was treated and sewn up by three doctors; two of whom had studied medicine in Denmark, the other in Poland. A nurse from Germany completed the international feel.

I was told I would soon develop goggle eyes. And they were correct.

When I picked up the prescribed antibiotics, I bought some kids’ bandaids as well – to give myself some smiles.

A good night’s rest and we were off first thing this morning for Vidðy Island.

The day offered stunning vistas.

All told, we were on the islands of Streymoy, Esturoy, Bordoy and Vidðy today.

Outside our window, Nðlsoy Island at dusk.

4 thoughts on “when first you fail…”

  1. Ouch! So sorry. Hope pain has subsided and you are able to enjoy those lovely vistas. Sending virtual hugs.

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  2. I am SO impressed with a) your humor in the face of your injured face, b) your insights about how it felt like you’d really traveled someplace, and c) how adept you are at using those little carets and umlaut-like symbols in the Faroese alphabet!!! I do hope the remainder of your trip is less “eventful” though…


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