zig-zag travel

For my best friend and me, travel is best done when there is a zigzag pattern to the day of traveling out and about. This day was no exception.

The destination is chosen, with a general route of how to get there. Then let the zigzagging begin.

Pull over here. Enter the roundabout and take the second exit. Oops that was the first exit. Well let’s see what’s down this road. Loop around and go back.

Today we made a stop early on so Beth could paint. I wandered about. I kid you not. I gazed out on the water and there it was.

A zig-zag.

Today we drove up the west coast of Streymoy Island. After the painting stop, we swung west and proceeded to climb up

and away.

We hung out in Vestmanna for a time, seeing the sights.

Do you know that if the church is locked, you can still see in. It’s a photog trick Beth taught me. Just hold your Smartphone against one of the church windows and you can see right in.

We spent a fair amount of time diving into pull-outs designed for oncoming cars to squeeze by – or in our case, for photo-ops. As seen in the image below.

A planned zig-zag was to return to Torshavn late in the afternoon to take a COVID test for travel to Iceland on Monday and the U.S. on Tuesday.

Then back on the road for one more zig-zag of the day. A viewpoint for a waterfall.

Dinner at suppugarðurin for Japanese soup. A warm deliciousness on this rainy evening.

Now zigzagged out, it’s time for rest. Oh, we both tested negative! Tomorrow more zigzagging.

3 thoughts on “zig-zag travel”

  1. Is it just me, or do the jigsaw cuts on the pews in the second church seem eerily similar to the posts of a fence one very beloved fellow (initials EH) built back in the ‘90’s at a church in Houston, Texas?


  2. Lovely day. Hope your head is better and you are not too sore from the fall. ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone Please forgive typos



  3. Your gorgeous blogs continue. So loved the zigzag one. Those old buildings are absolutely beautiful. Very sorry about your tumble but only a speed bump for you. Keep those stunning photos and words coming.


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