I don’t generally recognize heroes in my day to day life. This time in the Faroes has not been day to day life by any means, so I’ve recognized a few heroes who have crossed paths with me, and with Beth and me.

The young man, a construction apprentice, who when asked by Beth for help when I had high-centered our rent car, walked with her to our car and immediately called the police. He assured us there had not been a violation.

The man in the parking lot where I fell, who upon seeing me on the ground, jumped out of his car and helped me to stand.

The doctors and the nurse who stitched me up and back together and sent me on my way with a current tetanus shot.

The healthcare workers who administer COVID tests, without which we could not travel home.

The delightful young woman who came into our lives serving cappuccinos and conversation. She enriched my time in this place.

And today, when the car’s steering wheel locked up when we were on a remote road headed to a waterfall, a man on his way to work stopped to help when others had refused. He took the time to jump in our car and did what we believed was the impossible. Announcing he “was a strong man”, drove off as we were now able to do so as well!

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” Maya Angelou

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