where shall we have lunch?

Having around twenty-four hours between touch-down from the Faroe Islands and take-off for the United States, allowed for a drive from Keflavik airport to the capital city of Reykjavik to have lunch.

It’s about a thirty mile drive from the airport to the restaurant. What else are you going to do on a rainy day? In our case, it’s go to Reykjavik for lunch.

Skal! was our choice for lunch. Located in the first food court in town, we found it to be unlike any we had experienced when we dined there several years ago.

Arctic char for my friend and beef skirt steak for me. The food was exquisitely prepared and delicious!

For dessert we shared a Skyr mousse with rhubarb granité and hazelnut crumble. Bliss! Happy milestone birthdays to us!

After lunch we drove to my favorite church in the world, Hallgrimskirkja,

We have worshipped here several times on previous travels.

We then walked around town for awhile in the chilly drizzle, ending up at Reykjavik Roasters to complete our lunch trek to the city.

A short drive back to the airport to return the rent car and check into the hotel.

A quick early morning walk to the airport and we’ll be on the way home.

Traveling mercies.

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