things too beautiful

I’m on the second leg of today’s return trip to the United States. I’m flying to Houston with my friend to spend a few days before I return home the end of the week.

I’m listening to music as I soar south. As I write this, Margaret Rizza’s exquisite composition, her music for Eucharist is soaring through my ears. It makes me feel “this is just too beautiful”.

I’m reflecting on my trip to the Faroe Islands and I realize this reflection is soaring in my heart just as the music soars in my ears. And I think “this was just too beautiful”.

There were so many beautiful moments during the ten days we lived in the Faroes.

Moments that showed the out-loud majesty of the islands.

Moments that showed the quiet majesty of the people.

And the many moments of delight seeing sheep quietly munching at all times and along all by-ways.

Also moments of surprise when driving through tunnels with art installations.

I feel forever changed by things too beautiful.

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