a settling in day

It has been a dibs and dabs day as we settled in. Travel left me with quite a bit of pain so we stayed close to home.

Our favorite coffee spot is currently take-away only, so we got our cuppas to go and drove home to enjoy coffee by the kiva.

A brief shopping trip to town reflected the reality of increased presence of the corona virus.

A late afternoon visit to say hello to Hilary, Kamala and Stacey – along with the newbie, Dawn.

Around dusk we drove to a spot we picked out during last May’s trip for prime sunset viewing. Oops! We didn’t factor in the earth’s changing rotation and it wasn’t a prime spot after all. Still, the muted colors seen ar day’s end were quieting.

A lovely ending to a settling in day.

3 thoughts on “a settling in day”

  1. Hope you feel better! Rest is good. Big storm coming to Lakemont! Healing hugs….

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