day is done, gone the sun

But not the fire in the kiva.

A last sighting of the sunset outside the casa.

I’m in for the night after a lovely Sabbath day.

A quick trip to town.

A walk down the road to see the llamas. Stacey, Hilary, Kamala and Dawn.

A visit to the Harwood Museum. Our friend, Abby, met us there. An artist herself, and a long-time resident of the area, her insights about much of the art on display enhanced my experience of the works.

Donald Judd’s seating cubes in the Agnes Martin room.
Abby and Beth discussing Shamu. Just kidding. This was my impression alone.
Gus Foster’s landscapes.

Now home by the fire, eating what’s left over for dinner, soon to pack for the flight to Houston tomorrow.

That’s right. I’m going to Houston because I can’t go home as planned. The mountains are covered in deep snow, and my ride (Evan) can’t get in or out. So I’m having another travel lark!

Following Mary Oliver’s words, to “open my eyes and my hands”, I feel I have done just that this day.

One thought on “day is done, gone the sun”

  1. …from the lake, from the hills, from the skies…
    What perfect background mind-music for these pictures. Especially Foster’s landscapes.
    And great. Now I’m craving sweet-salty popcorn. Ha!


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