winter wonderings

I’m sitting in front of a fire I built this Sabbath morning. I find it needs intentional tending in order for it to continue to burn. Not doing so allows the fire to “die down” and trail off to silence and an incomplete burn.

So I’m sort of vigilant, but easily distracted. I’m thinking about how to be more intentional – about the fire, and of my life—-

where I find myself this particular morning, as the night ends and morning begins;

how to spend this day with no missed opportunities or regrets;

to look up more often;

to take say yes to invitations;

to chase a sunset like a bird;

to spend time pondering; wondering, sharing;

to share my bounty with others;

To see what God has in store for me, and to say YES!

Mary Oliver writes in her poem I Don’t Want to Live a Small Life, “Open your eyes,
open your hands”.

This day I shall open my eyes and my hands.

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