travel lark

Generally my trips last more than a couple of days. However, there is the lark category of travel. It’s a trip that comes together quickly and lasts just two to three days.

My travel today is a lark. A priest I met in 2016 is to be installed as rector of an Episcopal church in Texas.

When I first met Alan, he was just out of seminary and had been called to serve as a curate, or assistant to the priest. Specifically, Alan was to be the curate to my best friend who was then the long-time rector of a parish in the Houston area.

I liked him immediately. Over the next four or five years, I grew very fond of Alan and I looked forward to Sunday worship and delightful conversation whenever I was visiting my friend.

Eventually he was called to serve on the bishop’s staff in South Carolina. He now serves as rector of the parish in Texas where my son and his family are members. Who could imagine.

I will join my Texas family, my best friend, and the church congregation for The Celebration of New Ministry at St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church. The Rev. Alan Bentrup will be installed as the church’s fourth rector.

“Let us then offer our prayers to God for all his people, for this congregation, and for Alan their Rector.”

Traveling mercies.

2 thoughts on “travel lark”

  1. What an incredibly wonderful reason to travel. Prayers offered. So happy for him, you, and this world that he is healing!


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