paperwork and gas

I’m sitting in a plane that is sitting on the tarmac re-fueling, so we can try again to get to Dallas. Weather in the greater Dallas area caused my flight to take the scenic route from Atlanta.

To try to avoid the massive storm, we flew south, out over the Gulf of Mexico near Mobile, then on to New Orleans.

We crisscrossed over Houston, Austin, and San Angelo.

Then we needed gas. So we looped back to San Antonio where I am writing this. We now await getting gas, getting paperwork. We’ll then try to fly to Dallas once again.

My friend who was flying from Houston, ended up sitting in Houston to wait out the storm. I flew right over her aircraft. She’s on her way now. I think.

So we sit and wait. And line up for the bathroom, and pose for a photo.

Announcement made just now: “Folks, we have our gas, and our paperwork. We very much need everyone to take a seat so we can get going!”

On our way!

Well, except for the long line awaiting take-off. We’re number three.

Traveling mercies.

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