Recently I was in Texas for about 46 hours. This was definitely “lark” travel.

I traveled to attend a service to “celebrate a new ministry”. A dear priest friend was installed as the rector of my son and his family’s church.

What strikes me most about this trip were the profound conversations I had during the few hours I was there.

With…my son who picked me up at the airport and transported me to the church. Then sat next to me for the service…

With…my grandson who drove from his college about an hour away…

With… my best friend who also had travelled for the installation…

With… the newly installed rector…

With… my granddaughter who was getting her home ship-shape the next day for a birthday party…

With… my daughter-in-law who is experiencing similar nerve pain to my own…

And with… the son of my sweet cousin who called to share news about the end of her earthly life.

A time to listen in the midst of both joy and sorrow, of a new beginning and a gentle ending.

2 thoughts on “conversations”

  1. What a heartwarming trip! Awesome.

    We need to discuss bluebonnets someday.

    That is one precious, happy pup! Love.


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