return to the land of fire and ice

Today I’m on my way back to Iceland. This will be the fifth time I enter the country that is often referred to as the land of fire and ice. The description comes from the fact that Iceland is home to both glaciers and volcanos.

Also, thermal energy is near the surface.

I’ve thought often how Iceland feels “alive”. Eruptions, freezes, steam beneath the surface. This place rumbles. It hisses. It shakes. It’s definitely alive.

I remember the first trip to Iceland, when one of the very first stops was to stand on a small bridge that spanned two tectonic plates.

Iceland sits on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. It is the only place in the world where you can see those two tectonic plates and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge above ground (basically a fault line).

I approached the center of the bridge with some trepidation. I did not want any rumbles. Actually it was a bit exhilarating.

An unremarkable sight gazing down, though, where the plates meet.

A return to flying Icelandair for this trip, has us meeting up in Raleigh-Durham mid-afternoon. This evening we’ll be on our way. Come along!

Well, a major and a small bump getting to RDU. My friend’s flight was delayed over an hour. That was okay as we have a six hour layover. But then… just as it was to race down the runway, the plane stopped. No announcement. Just a turn back toward the terminal. After 10 minutes or so, it turned back to the runway and took off.

My flight, on the other hand, was slightly delayed. We were to have maintenance come check a warning light. Instead, we headed to the runway and simply took off.

On my way to RDU

With this jangled start, I’m really looking forward to taking our Saga Class seats. Side by side.

Traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “return to the land of fire and ice”

  1. Well, an excellent Blog entry to start the trip. It sounds like Beth’s pilot was just new and needed a practice run down the runway 😊.

    Have a great trip, bye



  2. Ginny, your adventuresome spirit amazes me. You & Beth enjoy ❤️ Getting in the lake down the steps holding on to the handrail is about as daring as I can get Katherine


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