I am surrounded in this place by my Arizona family. I’m blessed that so many family members live here, and even more importantly, want to be with me when I’m in town.

I have a home with my sister while I’m here. She’s willing to get up early to drive me to the Sunrise,…

even when chased by a street cleaner while I have wondered off, astounded by the view.

Two days ago we drove south to Tucson where my brother and his family live. The two of us always choose the “back way”. No interstate, just two lanes, and views!

We hung out at all afternoon with my brother and sister-in-law in their beautiful place at the base of the Catalina mountains, gazing skyward toward the light show.

Sun Dog, parhelion

On the way to dinner we had quite a sky show.

Dinner for 10!

El Minuto Cafe

My sister and I stayed nearby and my early morning walk rewarded me with an Arizona sky to begin the day.

Tucson at dawn

After breakfast my sister and I headed back north. We had the luxury of time to wander. Time to repeatedly stop for a short walk, or to just gaze while inhaling the perfect crispness of desert air in November.


My Phoenix nephew and his wife joined us for dinner upon our return. After dinner, “…day was done, gone the sun”.

Today, even more family. A favorite cousin and some of her kids and grandkids live here, so five of us gathered for a lunch of tacos and conversation. It was so joyous to reunite, and it may be that I’ll start coming more often for the conversations like we enjoyed over lunch.

Another sunset view to close this delightfully delicious day.

“We grow accustomed to the Dark –
When light is put away –“. Emily Dickinson, We grow accustomed to the Dark

2 thoughts on “family”

  1. Oh some beautiful shots here. Stunning !! Granted November has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Ten relatives right here in Phoenix and a slew in Tucson. Definitely, we need to orchestrate a big event and pull in the others from all the nearby states. April is a beautiful month in AZ. We should make a plan but could it be any better than today? NOPE and thank you so much !!


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