one hour

While I’ve been in Arizona, I’ve gotten up each morning to see the sunrise. Before I go to bed I check to see what time the sun will rise the next morning. I set an alarm so as not to miss. I’m blown away by the sun rises and sun sets here in Arizona.

Today I roused my reluctant sister to “rise and shine”, because the sun surely intended to do so.

We drove off at 6:45am, just enough time to get to our viewing destination and watch for the beauty to come.

For the next half-hour I stood outside the car and watched with awe and glee.

Good morning God,
This is your day,
I am your child
Please show me your way.

Next stop – Starbucks.

Pajama day at Starbucks

Waiting for my order, I struck up a conversation with a young woman who was wearing an E R jacket, and scrubs with her name followed by RN, BSN. Since I have a granddaughter who is also an E R nurse with those same initials, I struck up a conversation with her. She told me to honor my granddaughter as the work she does is hard, tough. I assured her I do!

We drifted apart as we waited for our orders. I grabbed a gift card and loaded it. I walked over to her and told her how I manage Starbucks cards for my four grandkids, especially “my” nurse. I handed the just-loaded card to her.

With smiles and hugs, we gathered our drinks and went on our way.

7:45. ONE hour. Awe and joy.

“Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.”
~Immanuel Kant,

5 thoughts on “one hour”

  1. I’m sure that made the nurse’s day and no doubt she told her colleagues about the nice lady with the blue hair at Starbucks in her Pj’s 😊

    Great pictures, by the way!!!



  2. Love the pix! Inspired to get up early to see sunrises.
    Your gift to the RN blesses us all as well. Such love. Seemingly small gesture with deep impact.


  3. Such a pleasure having you visit your Arizona families. We all would enjoy more of them. The photos are wonderful as always and I was blessed to be with you when a few were taken. I’m encouraged to take the back road to Phoenix more often after reading your description. Those less traveled paths are favorites of mine. The gifting story of a Starbucks card was joyously read, knowing your granddaughter so well and how challenging the job of being a nurse truly is. Your generosity is a blessing many have received from you. Hurry back.


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