riding on santa’s sleigh

I’m catching a ride on the sleigh tomorrow, as Santa heads to the North Pole for his big ride. I’ll drop off in Seattle for my Christmas celebration.

Annual Christmas light show, Tiger, GA

Do you remember believing? I surely do, especially after my mom read me the “Dear Virginia” letter. I had wavered a bit, but that letter brought me back. I was certain it had been written just to me.

I’ve since been through the times my own children and grandchildren had their time of believing. Magical and mystical times. Believing in someone unseen – if you dismiss department store and Salvation Army individuals wearing red hats and jingling bells.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Believing in someone you can’t actually see.

We are headed to Seattle to spend Christmas with our Seattle son and his precious family. The massive storm across the country doesn’t make things easy or convenient. So many will have their plans disrupted. I selfishly hope I’m not among them.

Glory has already traveled to her Christmas lodging at the vet’s cat lodge.

In anticipation of iced-over roads up here in the mountains, chains are on the tires, awaiting a 5:00am departure to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Come along. Traveling mercies.

7 thoughts on “riding on santa’s sleigh”

  1. Oh this is a keeper !! Soooo lovely and thank you for posting. I must save it!! Prayers for safe travels and uninterrupted travel. Glad Glory is loved and cared for during her little stay at camp. Have a wonderful time. Love your red car!! My favorite color for sure. Please be safe and thank you so much for the letter from Virginia. Whata Name :)))


  2. Safe travels with no glitches! Hope we get to see you on return. Will you be back before the 2nd? Merry Christmas! Temme

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