sleigh ride update

The winter storm came through Lakemont and caused enough concern for things at home, that a difficult conversation was in order and a hard choice to be made. In the end, only one of us took the sleigh to Seattle.

He stayed behind in order to take care of our home, and the homes of neighbors as well. Glory was retrieved from her lodging, and the two of them settled in for a deep freeze and night winds.

Warmth by the wood stove is key when hunkering down.

At the time my flight took off, Seattle’s airport had just re-opened. The storm had shut it down completely. That introduced uncertainty. Well, nothing I could do about the ability to land in five hours. I did wonder, though, where I might end up if Seattle closed again.

Best to sit back and enjoy my meal. And chat with a seat mate who unexpectedly had found an available seat for a flight home.

The scenes 34,000’ below were filled with wonder. My phone reported -56 degrees outside.

Wynne, Arkansas. Northwest of Memphis.
Veteran’s Memorial Lake, near Arkansas, Kansas
Salida, Colorado
South of Denver International Airport

The remarkable thing in the midst of country-wide air travel delays and cancellations, is that my flight departed and arrived, on time. Safely.

Scenes from the drive to my Seattle family’s home.

Home away from home.

Christmas Eve Blessings.

5 thoughts on “sleigh ride update”

  1. Safe AND on time – that’s what I like to hear.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Thanks for those amazing pictures. Winter wonderland for sure, from a perspective I’ve never had (and likely never will. Ha!)


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