solo return

Tuesday night I returned from my Seattle Christmas journey. This trip was not what I expected, but it was what I was given. Courage, grace, and love.

I arrived in Seattle to an icy and ice-covered city. People were walking in the middle of streets because the sidewalks were covered by ice.

The minute I walked into my son and his family’s home, I was wrapped in Christmas joy. In the meantime Evan was wrapping pipes, checking friends’ homes, and making sure the water system provided at least a low level of operation.

Not to mention keeping the home warm-ish.

Christmas Eve we live- streamed the church service from St. Mark’s Cathedral. Service programs were printed and we five attended church on the big screen, from the couch. We sang hymns and prayed prayers as we gathered in community.

Four days of festive meals, gifting, story-telling and laughter.

A field trip to visit the newly remodeled Adobe company headquarters for play and awe.

An unexpected twist in travel, we all rose to the occasion, embracing each other in the midst.

Special Sunshine Crepe to send me on my journey home

Hartsfield-Jackson airport was all decked out as I landed.

Two hours later, as we turned into the driveway…..a gift from my next door neighbor.

Traveling Mercies, indeed.

3 thoughts on “solo return”

  1. I was worried about your getting back with all the cancellations so I am happy to see you had a wonderful trip — great pictures and got home without too much stress !!! One of the few, I think!!


  2. Wow! Airport was gorgeous! (Amazing show just for you!) Love all the family pix. Such a great time. Thankful still that you made it there and back with no glitches.


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