the sound of ice under snow

Tonight our dinner plans were canceled because of a winter storm north of town, where our friends live. A disappointment made okay because we’ll meet for dinner tomorrow night instead.

On the way home late afternoon

We then decided to venture out for dinner with the snow coming down fast and furious. After all, we did not have a winter storm alert. I confess it gave us pause when the crunch of ice under the snow covered road, could be heard as we braked for a stop sign.

Yet, onward we went. It wasn’t that far away.

We arrived safely. All lit up, Orlando’s was most welcoming.

No takers for the fire pit, tho.

We were greeted, seated, and served immediately.

We polished off the delicious blue corn cheese enchiladas in record time. We both admitted to eating with some haste because of the the sight of snow falling outside the window.

The car required quick snow brushing. And we were off!

Safely home, we did what anyone would do after a dash-and-dine, build a warming fire. It was 20 degrees outside.

Today was lovely. Fire to begin the day, later coffee to kick-up the day. We were gifted time to visit with the owners of the Taos Coffee Apothecary whom we met five years ago when they first opened. We were among their first customers.

Then massages in the afternoon. Ahhhhh. Pure luxury.

Now settled in for the night’s rest, it is still snowing. Expected low temp of 10 degrees overnight.

“In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron
Water like a stone
Snow had fallen
Snow on snow on snow
In the bleak midwinter
Long, long ago.” Christina Rossetti

The words hold true today.

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