saturday in taos

On Saturday we awoke to a winter wonderland.

Lolling through the morning, the first goal was to get to Coffee Apothecary by noon.

The next goal was to get to A Salty Sweet Bakery to pick up the cinnamon rolls we had ordered.

Next up was a “pretty drive”. We learned of a back road that parallels U.S. 64, the primary road to and through Taos. It did not disappoint.

The bonus this day was to spend time with a dear, dear friend. We met at The Guadalajara Grill. Three hours later, after countless stories told, we reluctantly departed. Until the next time…

A glorious day filled with sights, tastes, and treasured friends.

3 thoughts on “saturday in taos”

  1. Such beauty all around. Love in all the pix. Your gratitude is heartwarming, as always.
    The snow-on-roof-falling-through-slats is a fascinating picture. Not sure I’ve ever seen snow pile up to a point like that.
    Happy Sunday!


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