game day

Yesterday was the big day. Rice Owls vs Charlotte 49rs.

It was a most marvelous day.

I Ubered to Rice to meet my granddaughter for coffee. Here she comes.

After our provisions, we were ready for the day. The walk across the campus was such a treat. It’s a beautiful space.

A special treat was experiencing James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace.

Built in 2012, “Turrell’s composition of light complements the natural light present at twilight and transforms the Skyspace into a locale for experiencing beauty and reflecting on the surrounding campus and the natural world”.

Nearby is the Moody Center for the Arts. The exhibit on view was Narrative Threads. It is a fiber arts display, showcasing personal, social, and political issues through embroidering, felting, knitting, sewing and weaving.

We both enjoyed the exhibit immensely. Then it was time to head over to Tudor Field House for the game!

It’s a small stadium which means we sat near the action. The players ran like the wind! Play was so fast I had whiplash.

It was so much fun! And… drum roll… they WON!

We wrapped up the day by dining with two friends of my granddaughter. Nothing but Tex-Mex for us. I suggested Superica, a restaurant I knew to offer a delicious and unique take on Tex-Mex. It more than lived ip to our expectations.

Oh what a grand day this was!

4 thoughts on “game day”

  1. So much happiness in this post. Just love all the smiles. Your granddaughter is gorgeous. Nice job capturing the b-ball action shots at just the right moments. Thanks for sharing the adventures!

    P.S. I just KNOW you’ll want to bring me a souvenir, so I’ll take the top installation in the Narrative Threads exhibit. Thanks! You’re so generous!


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