mile high

I grew up in Denver. Colorado. It’s known as the mile high city, as its elevation is 5,280 feet. A mile high.

Today I’m headed to Arizona to visit my sister and brother, and other family members. Some of us will journey north to Prescott. It’s also a mile high.

I understand Prescott is a beautiful place, nestled in the mountains. I have been looking forward to the trek north. Surprisingly, it is expected to snow – when it’s not raining – while we are there. I’m really anticipating lots of snow- mountains beauty.

We are staying in the Hassayampa Inn. It is a restored 1927 hotel and is included on the National Register of Historic buildings. The lobby has a hand-painted ceiling, a large fireplace, plus a coffeehouse for me! Inclement weather will find me lounging in the lobby.

My sister lives in Phoenix, my brother and sister-in-law live an hour south in Tucson. They will all meet me at the airport when I arrive. Thus begins sibling time!

I understand the dinner tonight is coming from Tucson. My brother makes Supreme Chicken Enchiladas, a recipe from one of several cookbooks the Colorado Junior League published in the 80’s.

I’m anticipating deliciousness.

Guacamole is on the menu as well. Some many years ago, while on a trip to Maui, I discovered Maui Chile Salt. It’s since become the go-to ingredient for my friends and family. It makes an extreme guacamole. It’s possible it will make a gastronomic appearance tonight.

In a few hours I’ll return to the desert which I love. Tomorrow I’ll be a mile high! Come along!

Traveling mercies.

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