angst and audacity

Days before I left home I had concerns about the plan to drive north to mile-high Prescott. Heavy rain, high winds, ice and snow were all in the forecast. I still had concerns when I landed in Phoenix.

Much time last night, and again this morning, was devoted to researching weather and road conditions. Lots of conversation and angst about what we should do. In the end we decided to take an audacious risk and go. As my sister said, “let’s try it…we can always turn around.”

So we packed our things and left home with trust and hope. We experienced no rain, no high winds, ice or snow. All that angst! A bold move – well, a bold move with an option to retreat – brought us to a place of joy.

The drive north was lovely.

We met a cousin who lives in Prescott for lunch at The Colt. It was great fun!

Delicious meal served up with delight.
Hassayampa Inn

A day that began with concern, ended with laughter.

One thought on “angst and audacity”

  1. I know you’re glad you took the risk; we all are glad as well. I enjoyed the pictures. Lovely drive, even with the cloud cover. Happy for your family time!


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