I’m departing for home in a couple of hours. As I await my flight, I’m thinking about the past few days.

I’ve settled on “reunion” as a theme for my trip to Arizona. In just five days I spent time with seven members of The Harvey family; eight when you count me. These are descendants and spouses of my mother’s family.

I spent time with my brother and his wife and a sweet cousin during the first few days of this trip.

Yesterday my sister and I had lunch with a dear cousin. We immediately picked up our conversation from four months ago. That’s how close this family is.

Last night my sister and I had a wood-stove fired pizza dinner with her son and his wife.

This was laugh and love-filled time! Five days of precious family time.

Women’s basketball March Madness was raging! My sister and I somehow found time to sit and cheer for my favorite teams.

On this Sabbath day I feel blessed beyond measure.

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “reunion”

  1. Always enjoyable reading your travel blogs and certainly a bonus to be physically involved in one. The laughs and love we shared was wonderful. I treasure this time we had together, with you and my twin seeing such beautiful country while also feeling sadness in our visit to the graves of the nineteen Granite Mountain Hotshots. Delicious meals were enjoyed and belly laughter took us down watching our fellow diners and dancers at the hotel. Let’s not wait too long for another adventure together.


  2. You ARE blessed beyond measure, and I love that you recognize that. Thanks for sharing these moments. Heart-warming. And wow, you have a lot of great Staley games ahead to enjoy. (No Vols, no UConn😳🤷‍♂️Go Gamecocks!)


  3. What a great week it was – you brought joy and gratefulness to so many. How wonderful it is to be part of this family!


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