i came for stevie and got jesus

I love Stevie Nicks. I loved Fleetwood Mac, mostly because of Stevie. When she announced her tour with Billy Joel, and the venue was to be in the city where my grandkids live….

I asked my granddaughter and my grandson if they wanted to go. Yes! Yes! I took a very deep breath and purchased three tickets somewhere closish to the stage.

It was some months later when I realized the concert was during Holy Week. Uh oh. Stevie Nicks would be singing her songs during the Great Vigil.

My best friend said “so let me get this straight – during the Great Vigil you’ll be at a concert?” Sheepishly I replied, yes. I new I would attend Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter services, so I felt okay about it.

Today I’m on my way to Texas. I’ll attend the services as planned. However, we’re not going to the concert. It has been postponed until March 9, 2024. COVID cases in the band. OH. NO.

I’m traveling anyway. It was never all about Stevie Nicks. Well, it kind of was for a time. Even more it’s about being with my Texas family whom I have longed to see.

Earlier today I was seated next to young woman in the lounge st the airport as we awaited our flights. She asked where I was traveling. I told her the story. She commiserated. Briefly. She then had a suggestion for me: Cook something delicious and put on some Stevie Nicks music. Find clips from her other concerts on YouTube.” She was charming.

A few weeks ago I decided my blog would be titled “I came for Stevie and got Jesus”. Indeed, I have.

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “i came for stevie and got jesus”

  1. 2024? Check when Easter is next year. Glad you have many interests in Texas – know you’re having a wonderful time regardless of missing Stevie. Airport friend had a grand idea ! Happy Easter dear cousin !!!


  2. “But time makes you bolder, even children get older”. Pretty biblical and Holy Week-worthy to me.

    Surprised and sorry to hear of the cancellation, but I know you easily shifted your heart about that.

    When you make your airport friend’s suggestion happen, make sure to play “Sara” for me.

    We are home and you are not. 😔

    I was welcomed by a hummer just outside my window first thing this morning! I thanked Evan (via text and in my heart.)


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