i got jesus but not stevie

A few days ago I returned from my travels to Texas to attend the Stevie Nicks concert that wasn’t. As I noted previously, it was cancelled because of COVID cases in the band. It was a such a blow.

I did, however find Jesus…

in the Texas bluebonnets that had bloomed into the promise of spring return;

in the Maundy Thursday service I attended with with my daughter-in-law, where we were invited into silence;

in the Good Friday service, seated with my best friend and my daughter-in-law, where the three of us were the voices of the Jews as spoken in John’s account of the Passion gospel;

in the time I shared with my son and daughter-in-law, most joyously around the fire-pit, roasting marshmallows;

and in the anything-can-happen day with my grandkids.

Jack picked me up and we listened to a playlist he had curated for the drive to Georgia’s home. (Jack lives there while he attends college nearby). Some of the song lyrics, performed by musicians new to me, were profound and provided good conversation for us. Stevie-music was on the playlist, of course.

After showing me around their home, we set off off on our adventure. Georgia, too, had curated a playlist featuring Stevie. We even had a request, placed as a comment on my blog. “Play Sara for me”. We had a sing-along as we headed to the white rhino for breakfast.

From there it was a visit to the Arlington Museum of Art, with a retrospective exhibit of their permanent collection.

Keith Haring, Against All Odds

Then on to a local sculpture garden.

A stop at a martial arts store (Georgia is a 1st degree black belt, Jack a 2nd degree),

and a tour of the University of Texas at Arlington where Jack is a student.

We wrapped up our adventures with pizza!

The grandkids returned me home, where for the next couple of hours I basked in the midst of my Texas family as we retold our shared stories, wrapped in laughter and covered in grace.

My visit culminated on Easter Sunday as I joined my family for worship. Alleluia. Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

While there was no Stevie Nicks, there was music everywhere. Of course we plan to attend the rescheduled concert next March!


4 thoughts on “i got jesus but not stevie”

  1. So glad you had such a lovely trip. 

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  2. He is risen, indeed! 63 Easters and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that miracle.

    Awww! You played Sara! (No surprise, really, but still.)

    I know that was a blow, but you see it as I do – that priceless time with family really does pale in comparison to a Stevie concert.


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