land of maybe

Today began with early morning light serving as an alarm clock. That’s our room on the top floor left.

Breakfast was abundance while overlooking the fields and the sea.

Coffee at Brell Roastery followed. It was here that we decided to have a “maybe” day. We would just see where our day took us. Maybe we’d turn here, maybe we’d walk there, maybe we’d just see how the day unfolded.

It took us to the island of Streymoy where we saw waterfalls too numerous and vast to count;

to roads too stupendous to drive without gazing off;

to vistas too magnificent to photograph well,

We shared the day with some of God’s precious.creatures.

Walking through high grass, I saw that God had sown a fine field of colors.

The choice to have a maybe day fit well on the Faroe Islands.

One thought on “land of maybe”

  1. Oh I want to go there. Such beauty, the clouds the lovely lazy falls, the rainbow, the cliffs. THE FOOD, the animals ! You are so blessed and so are we who get to follow. Colors amazing. God did a great job.


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