maybe take 2

While we did have to adhere to a scheduled coffee date this morning, the remaining day was more maybe.

Maybe we should wander around the marina.

Or wander over to an arts section of town.

Or…. what about catching a ferry to Sandoy Island. Not having a reservation, or even knowing when the next ferry was scheduled to depart, we took off for the ferry departure location south of Tórshavn. A good number of cars and trucks were already in the quay. Nonetheless, we were able to get on the ferry – just barely. We were next to last to load. Amazing! And so off we sailed.

Upon arrival on Sandoy, we headed to the very south end of the island. Our guide book described some not-to-be missed coastal drives. One we especially wanted to do, but it’s description ” it’s a hair-raising 5km journey around the towering headland, on a single-track lane with blind corners that hugs the side of the mountain high above sheer cliffs before finally dropping down into Dalur, one of the most picturesque places in the southern islands,” gave us pause. After reading these words and carefully considering our ability to do this drive, we opted to drive to Skarvanes instead. It did not disappoint.

Sheep are a real issue for drivers anywhere on the islands. One defers to sheep on the roads. They are everywhere, primarily eating or seeking more to eat as they wander down the roads.

The color of their fur is kind of a mix-and-match blend in shades of brown, black, and ivory.

There is much more to tell about this adventure, but we must be off to today’s opposite direction adventure.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “maybe take 2”

  1. Look at those sheep !! All I have ever seen is off white sheep. They are so lucky to just wander around and have enough to eat. Loving this journey sooo much !, I can’t wait for each day. I awake and head for my electronics and go back in time — when life was what it should be .


  2. The quaint small buildings are beautiful. Such bright colors. Quite interesting regarding the multi colors on the sheep. Most look to be ready for shearing. I think you know the choice I would have made on the challenging narrow and steep road. The roads look more like driveways. Apparently the weather is cooperating as well. Continue to enjoy and share the adventure.

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