maybe take 2 continued

The previous blog ended at the end of the road at Skarvanes. The return drive from Skarvanes was filled with the sights not seen while driving down the road. Well, of course.

A brief stop on the way to catch the return ferry, to visit a local church (note turf roof).

We calculated how much time we had left before we needed to be getting in the ferry queue, and determined we could make the drive to Søltuvík and back in time for the ferry. The description of what we were to experience made it worth the effort. “In the remote and wild bay of Søltuvík is one of the most beautiful spots in the whole of the Faroes.”

It was SO worth the effort!

A quick return drive to board the ferry, and we were on our way back to Tórshavn.

The rains hit, making for a stormy thirty-minute ferry ride.

It was perfect weather after a perfectly beautiful day, to enjoy bowls of asparagus soup. Hmmm, good.

The final activity of the day was to summit the “highpoint” of Tórshavn.

2 thoughts on “maybe take 2 continued”

  1. I dont think St. Mary’s Mower Ministry would be happy to add mowing the roof to their duties! Blessings,Diane

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