all things green bay packers

There is no mistaking I am in Packers country.

Everyone wears Packers garb.

After breakfast this morning we walked across the street to the Pro shop at Lambeau Field. The Pro shop sells ALL things Packers.

A good number of items were purchased by my family today. From clothing to knick knacks to Packers M&M’s.

A tour of the facility was next. About twenty of us gathered around a tour guide and followed him up and down and all around Lambeau Field. A Packer alumni joined us and after we took our seats in a skybox, regaled us with stories about playing Packer football.

We even “ran” out the tunnel to the field just as the Packers will do tomorrow. Of course we were required to yell “GO PACK GO!”

Up next was time to visit the Packers museum. It was quite a wonderful history adventure.

The Packers are unique in that they are publicly owned. In 2011 the organization issued stock in order to expand the stadium. I bought a share for Jack, making him an owner. I understand there is a special website to purchase owner gear, requiring the stock certificate number to make a purchase. Definitely an owner perk.

It was a wonderful family day. Also a very cold day. Just walking back and forth from the hotel was so cold I felt like I had a total head freeze. Ag least tomorrow is forecast to be twice as warm…34 degrees. For sure I’ll be in my puffy coat with both foot and hand warmers for my hands and feet.

Every night on the half hour there is a light show projected on the stadium wall. We have perfect viewing from the hotel room.

A fitting end to this most excellent day.

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